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Pillow Fight! [08 Apr 2009|07:05am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Yo minasan!

I haven't been on Lj for a while. So far I've been pretty busy since my last post. Work is going alright though I'm looking for a better job that is oriented to my career. I bought a new car since the other one was giving me too much trouble and it was just money being wasted. The last "event" that cause me to choose to get a new car was the fact that my car died on the L street exit from the 5 and it went straight to a pole. Luckily, it completely stopped right before the pole and gave me just enough space for the incoming cars to pass by. There has been a lot of accidents in that area, so a random tow truck offered to take the car to my house (about two blocks away)
The new car is great, its simple, nothing really fancy. It has a lot of potential for road trips and great for outings with the group ^^

I graduate this May =D yey!
but its very "mada mada dame" Not good enough, so I've been looking at grad. studies. I found a good one at the company I want to work for; Scripps Research Institute. They offer a PHD program, I'm guessing you get to work with them afterwards which is perfect. The only catch is that there are only 40 seats a year and they wont have the next orientation till August 2010... That's a year of waiting... so what to do in that time. I have no idea. Its a big blank that needs to be filled... feels wasted. Then there is the chance that I won't get in. Its risky.

I will be working on the comics, of course, that won't change for anything. I've been doing a lot of writing and I am happy with everyone's progress. We really want to see our anthology complete and everyone has been very supportive. I want to be able to help everyone with this project.

Aside from the times I'm busy, which I try to be most of the time, life is a constant roller coaster of ups and downs. After classes started I haven't been able to see and hang out with a lot of my friends but I knew it would happen. More responsibilities require some sacrifices but summer is right around the corner and I will definitely make all kinds of plans to see all of my friends again.

Talking about plans, I have some ideas floating about:

I was talking to Jill about a girls night out. The only problem was there wasn't that many girls to gather XD
I'm sure it will work out somehow. I also wanted to do one with the Biochem. class, its the least for two years studying together. That one may be tricky cause I didn't speak up in class much.

Once it gets warmer I want to plan out a bonfire again =D The last one was so great...except for my car tire exploding XD

I also wanted to go to the drive in with a group and take some chairs. The new car is a hatchback, so we can open the back and have a little picnic while watching some movies =D

Comic con is always great, I will be there everyday this year as a volunteer. We decided not to advertise during this year's comic con... but if we can finish the anthology and send it to copyrights on time then we may pass out some fryers outside of comic con. We are aiming for next year! Twitchy is aiming for... mmm about a week from now or so XD It already looks great and I'm sure it will be successful.

I'm working on three stories and two of the artists working with me, SC and J, went to the Philippines for a month. I have all the scripts and started planning out all my panels for the first issue along with some modifications but we won't start the actual boards till SC and J return. The best one so far is Harbinger, the others need some work. I also wrote some short story ideas and finished one short story. mmmm... I really don't plan to make them actual book stories so I typed them in script. I don't think I'll have time for book form for a while.

I finished watching Clover and Honey II and it kinda hits a sensitive area inside of me but it can't be helped that's how life is. Too bad that in reality it gets even more painful and complicated because your feelings are used and played with. I haven't meet a guy who turned me down as respectful as Mayama would. Then again, he does kinda hold back Yamada for a long time. note: this doesn't have a happy ending, just a reality check.

Which I got one recently...aside from it. I wonder if I'm cruel to some of my friends but I wouldn't want them to feel played with, like I have.

wow this had nothing to do with the Pillow Fight day. Jill, Twitchy, Luis, Brian, little Ben and I went to Horton plaza for a pillow fight. It was fun =D


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Happy New Year 2009!!! [01 Jan 2009|10:40am]
[ mood | content ]

Its 2009! lets reflect on the last month.
Thanks everyone who got me a prezzy! I liked everything especially the Doom Juice and the Gir sweater ^^
My prezzies weren't as great but I hope everyone liked them, next time I'll stick to foods or something.
I got to cook a lot but it gets expensive so I didn't make everything I wanted to make.
Ice skating was a lot of fun, I was hoping the one at Hotel Del was still open to go ice skating there but we just missed it.
During vacation I'm working full time and its great, the only worry I have is my beat up car. I'm pretty sure it will last.
The meteor shower day didn't work out cause of Titus XD Not to be mean but his been pretty cocky about speeding, just happened to get the ticket that day. It was still fun and Evan has finally joined the group again.
Work on the comics has been going really well, we will be able to post stuff up real soon. Support Wax Fruit Comics and Mixed Nuts Comics!

New years was fun part of the group went to the Yardhouse for some drinks and loud babbling, we saw some fireworks and ended up at On Broadway for a little bit. Too bad they close early or we would have danced the night away.

Money has been short especially since they asked for my payment the week of finals. I haven't taken care of it but I have enough for it.

Even though I owe lots of munnies, it was a great ending for 2008.
I had a lot of great times that year but also the most tragic stuff happen to me this far. I miss my grandpa a lot cause I admired him more than anyone. I also lost the most important person that was in my life. I had to go through treatment alone for a while but after getting in contact with all of my friends I pulled through. Thank you everyone who helped me recover and thank you for being great friends. I owe you more than you know.

Now to say the least, I'm glad 2008 is over and have 2009 to look for.
Especially because of the Harry Potter movie! and Dissidia.

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History in the Making [05 Nov 2008|06:36am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

We are watching history in the making, I hope everyone voted no on 8.

My theory is we will see a lot of uproar and possible violence if it does pass =/ same as issues back in the 70's.

so other than the election, I still have some donuts that need to be taken. I got a dozen donuts at crispy creme's and a lady gave me another dozen. Lots of donuts. *goes get one*

woa n/m there is one left, between Lyndon and Erick they went fast.

recap of previous events

Halloween I dressed up as Jessica rabbit. it sounds better than it was. The wig and hte gloves gave me a lot of trouble. The wig because the material wasn't so good and the gloves ripped and hurt cause they were latex. If I ever dress up like jessica I'll make a better costume.

The day after was a lot of fun though, just put some of my clothes together to make a school girl/ goth outfit which is pretty easy with my wardrobe. Erick had a party for his brother and it was a lot more fun than downtown was the previous day.

No events comming up for me on Nov. Except random shindigs and Thanksgiving.

School and work takes up most of my time and I use my extra time for the comic company and fundraisers.

I miss surfing *tear*

well got to go take an exam then go to work

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Employed at Last! [23 Oct 2008|09:35am]
[ mood | happy ]

I've been so busy lately I haven't had much time to update LJ.

First off I got the Job I applied for =D and its sweet. its an office job which I wanted and it pays 13-15 bucks an hour. There is a lot of work which will keep me busy and positive. My boss's plan is to make me in charge of the program which is kinda a double edge sword.

Sure, I get the program responsibilities for myself which means job security but I dont get the 65K a year pay for the Coordinator position. =/ bummmer well at least I got something. Then my boss's boss wants me to do some other projects which are a mystery right now. So I have a lot of work ahead of me =)

Classes are going great and I get to study a lot on the trolley.
I wont have a lot of time during the week for random activities like before but on Thursdays and Fridays I can still hang out for a few hours.

One of the only bleh things right now is the trolley rides. It takes me about an hour and a half to get to school or work so my commute is about 3 to 6 hours a day. I got really sick on Tuesday and was about to puke in class. I left early but the ride home was so agonizing. I made it back though and fell asleep. XD

I got the Seller's Permit for our company and will start selling basic items for the swapmeet. Once we start printing our comics we can sell those and add them to our inventory.

We accept any donations or contributions =D please support our group and tell everyone you know about us =)

There is a program for a four week course in Tokyo,Japan that I want to go to from June to July. I wanted to add it here so that if your interested we can all go in a group. I know Erick would love to go to it and that a lot of us are interested in Japanese culture. I'm not sure on the price yet but will find out soon. The living options include housing with a Japanese family, dorms or an apartment with roommates.

I also found a good art course to Paris with tours to the museums included. This one is also for a month and you get similar living options. The price is about 4,500... maybe in a few more years i'll do this one.


Well, I have to go to class. bye bye =D

-Honey Sempai

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SoJu [09 Sep 2008|07:28am]
[ mood | excited ]

Well most of you have probably seen the soju kareoke night pictures on myspace or facebook so I don't really have to say much.
A few friends got together Saturday and went to Min Sok something and had food and drinks then kareoke. I posed with Jill on a lot of pics and kissed but not really anything haha though it does look like it on the pics. Hey, actors do that all the time, besides Jill has her man, I dont want to steal her LOL.

We plan to redue that with My Jessica Rabbit costume and her Misa Costume. I want to see those pictures.

So I gained a bit of weight XD too much boozels LOL I have to find time to work it off before halloween. The best way to do that is playing tennis and dancing for fun. I'll get toned in no time for my jessica rabbit costume =) can't wait.

I do need someone's E-bay card. I want to order those gloves. A friend of mine was going to do it but his a flake. Help please!

Comic project is going great, I feel like I'm taking too much resposibility though. I'll bring it up in the next meeting.

This week has been busy but I find time to do everything I need to. It just overlaps with my sleep and i haven't been sleeping very well...mainly because of my cat who keep waking me up earlier and earlier each week otherwise I would sleep in more often.

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New semester, new projects [05 Sep 2008|09:43am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Looks like this semester is going to be really good but also very busy.

I only have 9 units but i'm trying to get into a few more for laboratory stuff. It looks really good, I know a lot of stuff now that I don't have to review as much as before. I just have to stay organized.

I did sign up for a lot of projects...maybe more than I can handle but I'm going to do my best to finish everything.

Wax comics
A few friends got together and started an art group called Wax Fruit Comics. It looks very promising and I wont let it fail this time. We are going to work hard to make it into a small comic company. Please support us in all our activities to raise money and such =D

I am now making 12 costumes XD
I finished my costume for Lips and almost done with my Jessica rabbit costume too for Halloween ^^

The other 10 for next year comic con are :

1. Deathpool (yey getting paid for this one)
2. Fox from Starfox (better get paid)
3. Ty Lee (for me)
4. Yuki (for Carraan)
5. Toph (for Diana)
6. Zuko (for Brian)
7. Sakka (for Steve)
8. Appa (for Marcus)
9. Kitara (for Tricia)
10.Momo (for Luis niece)

I bought some material to start them out but I will need help from everyone so expect to do some work XD I will try to make them in this order since the first ones I get paid for LOL
Although I can't wait to work on the Toph costume ^^

I applied for a job and it looks like I might get it. I will know by next week =D 13 bucks and hour and flexible woohoo ^^

I'm writting a book right now but I'm also going to make it into my comic. I have about 6 stories that I've been writting since high School but stacked them away in my room till now, not to mention the ones that were killed along with my old computer. We will see which we make for Wax Fruits comics, as for the other stories I'll continue making them into short stories and put them in a book. Even if they don't get publish I would like to make it for myself =)

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Recap of Mayhem from Joanna's crazy birthday party [01 Sep 2008|02:16pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Pictures are up on myspace if you want to copy them. It was an awesome party thank you everyone who was there. Your participation at my b-day was my best birthday present. Special thanks to all those that tolerated others and still had a great time.

We played some games as usual. The puyo puyo tournament failed but it was fun to watch. I melted my friends brains with random videos of weirdness and wtf moments.

The costume contest was a huge success thank you everyone =D The costumes and performances were awesome. I even busted out my prom dress, that needs to be worn more than once for those 300 bucks.
We had our judges and prices too, results posted on myspace.

We ARE tonight's entertainment ^^

My what what butt pinata was a huge success too. XD especially the times it fell LMAO

Steve hit Jared with the belt by mistake LMAO sorry but that was halarious.
For steve's defense he says " I didn't notice... One thing was on my mind... milking the butt for candy"

Ah the Caramelldansen, yes I made everyone dance and yes it worked out a lot better than I thought it would =D Thanks everyone and yes it is on my videos. haha don't worry its pretty dark so your faces are slightly covered.
so much more fun but I fail to remember at the moment. I do know that that party deserved more videos to be taken. Too bad my batteries were low and my camera memory was filling up.

I had everyone sign "the wall" a canvas of everyone that was at my b-day =)

I love all my presents which included:
My top ramen box from The Ben-- yey college student food ^^
My doggy bag sushi and movie tickets from Erick--haha great present
My new canvases from Maddie -- these are always useful =D thanks
My zoot Fedora men's/women/s hat from Tricia --I LOVE IT =D thank you
My Graphic poster designed and made by Luis ---very awesome and aww it has maya, couldn't be any more perfect to describe me.
My new steel sword from Steve --omg its so awesome. *clings to it* its mine now mwahaha
My Across the Universe special edition dvd set from Steve ---I love this movie =D how did you know?
(yes I am watching this soon with everyone and yes I watched the whole extended material already haha)
The Beatles rock!!!!
Brian suprised me with some decorations and brought dry ice. --mwahaha a True chemist present ^^
Yaz brought me some cookie sheets as a present haha I always steal hers XD so it was perfect since I make cookies all the time.
If you want cookies let me know what kind =D but you buy the material I'll make them ^^
what else...
a yes my mom made a cake for me...with lots of love XD too bad it was destroyed right after LMAO remains of it are in a bowl downstairs. She also gave me a cubic zirconia flower ring, its cute.
Lyndon got me the 7th manga for Tarot Cafe, its so awesome. ^^ that series is so creative.
I cant remember much else right now. sorry if I forgot to mention your prezzy.

Next is Lips haha
My costume is almost ready, I just need black suspenders but I got those covered =)

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Time to ... [31 Aug 2008|09:26am]
[ mood | mischievous ]

Party!!!!! My b-day, party at my house at 4pm beware danger awaits all who step inside.

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Possible B-day prezzies!!!! [27 Aug 2008|08:16am]
[ mood | creative ]

Well I didn't get to go to Aramis bonfire or Fernando's band party cause it was cancelled. I did go to the drive in with a bunch of friends then chilled at Fernando's house. Sunday, we had the D&D game. It was interesting, i'm not sure what waits ahead though...especially with our group XD
Monday, I did stuff O.o I can't remember day time but night time I went to the Casbah with Luis and Yaz. I was really tired and not really motivated. I was more into chillin and watching the bands play except that Luis kept bugging me about dancing =/ I don't like being pressured to do stuff so it just made me more rebellious about it.
Tuesday, I was hungover! XD what arrogant bastard on tap can do, oi. I had to go to the lab too so I was blah the whole trolley ride there. Then wasted money just for my professor to print my report and tell me she will e-mail me when she is finished with it. >< wasted more money getting back on the trolley cause I didn't have cash to buy the semester pass. I fell asleep again once I got here until it was time for my nurse appt.
After the nurse Appt. I went to the other D&D game I DM. mwahaha! so much fun and chaos. I have to write a comic strip about these. I guess I have very good improv. and good sense of humor to make an unorganized game work great. I also have good players so they have been able to keep the story going pretty well.

Current projects: Comic book stories and art sketches. Costume designs for next year comic con. Halloween costume and costume for lips.

I found some old stories and they are really good. Problem is I have so many I don't know which one I want to make into a comic first. I might start with something simple but then again I always try to keep adding to my art either on story or artwork.

My b-day is this sunday. everyone is invited! but just so you know there might be floor sitting cause I dont have that many chairs.
I'm going to todai then having a hang out at my place.
if anyone wants to get me a prezzy these are possible ideas:
*Food - a student can starve out there
*Halloween make up or accessories - I love dressing up
*black suspeders
*zoot style fedora men's hat - black with some red or just black
*Purple gloves - for my costume-- possible ones for Jessica rabbit --> http://cgi.ebay.com/TRANS-PURPLE-latex-rubber-dress-OPERA-GLOVES-gummi-LRG_W0QQitemZ200249724539QQihZ010QQcategoryZ63861QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
ronald is getting purple satin gloves, if you want to get me satin gloves hehe ^^ get a different color =P

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Disneyland 2008 [23 Aug 2008|09:05am]
[ mood | excited ]

So my dad came by and asked me to go to LA and I said sure why not.

I was there for a few days and I got to go to disneyland, learn the area around my little brother's house ( so that I can go visit myself) and go to city walk. My cousin Cindy and my aunt were there too so it was nice.

Cindy lives in Las Vegas so I can go visit her and stay at her place whenever ^^

LA is ugly as usual, too much TJ in there. The shops are cheap though, really cheap stuff so shopping there is the best. I did not find jessica rabbit gloves, but I think I can find some around san diego. I did find a nice tie to go with my manly outfit for Lips haha and it was 3 bucks woohoo.

I'll probably go there again just to buy material for costumes, a lot cheaper than buying stuff here and I can go visit peoples.

I uploaded pics on my myspace.

Today, Aramis has a bonfire and Fernando invited me to see his band play at a house party. I still have to finish my report blarg, I was suppost to finish that months ago, oh well.

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Warped Tour 2008 [14 Aug 2008|11:39pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

So yesturday Jill sends me a text and invites me to warped tour since she won't be around for my B-day Party. I say maybe I don't have much cash...after a few minutes of texting I say yea I'll go... which was probably the first thing I should have said anyways.
Even more low on cash XD top ramen for a month LOL
so my, out of the blue, plan to go to Warped tour begins.
I didn't recognize most of the bands so it was a day of exploration and I found some brilliant gems in the pile.
So much awesomeness and randomness happened there.
I went with Jill, April and uh I forgot his name XD my bad. Thanks for the invite and ride there oh and company.
Jill and I spent the day moshing, skipping and dacing around at the concerts, it was most excellent.
Horrorpops is a must see again band, she, the singer, has the same powerful voice as the singer from disturbed but for different music and purpose ^^
Lets see, story of the year is good so I'll look them up too. They had the craziest mosh pit since it wasn't just the circle of mosh, moshing, the entire front ended up being part of it and us right on the middle. I survived with only one bruise on my foot which wasn't from the mosh but from the girl in front of me.
Reel big fish was cool but we didn't get to listen to them a lot. April got a picture of this random girl dancing on stage...she was on her days ohh the horror!!!! hope she doesnt develop a paranoia.... no one said anything to her and she was on stage!! sad
Another awesome band was oreskaband
Jill has seen them many times and I finally understand why. They are so cute and happy^^ lol no, thats not the reason, but they are cute. They are a ska band which I already give thumbs up for keeping that music alive and they are really really good at it.
I should have taken more video of them but I was running low on memory. next time.
We also saw against me, cobra starship, angels and airways and umm i think it was evergreen terrace (not sure)

All that day I was running on a bottle of Mana XD until I started getting dizzy and had to get food. Almost made it though. That little potion is bitter sweet and energizing.

Other events at the warped tour included answering Trojan condom questions for a chance to win a backpack, stocking a half naked man asking for gas money (not really he was just so notisable with that sign), getting free cd's and filling up on water at the free water zone (AKA the water fountain)

The mayhem continues with duval's (exclusive) pirate party tomorrow and Saturday's bonfire =D if you can make it see ya there.

oh yea the Joanna knock back, Jill's kidnapping and the trampling of my shoe are going on my comic strip. haha hope it comes out just right ^^

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more activities ahead [04 Aug 2008|09:09am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Erick had a pool party last friday and I took a few pics ^^
I stole twitchy's pimp hat and might wear it if I go to Lips XD

I watched a few movies, I went to see dark knight again with Tanner and his friend. I also watched a premier of swing vote which I though was just a movie to make you go vote. Entertaining in a redneck sort of way.

we will probably go watch the mummy at the drive in with some friends sometime this week/week-end. I'll take some chairs and some BBQ or take out and make a mini picnic or something. =P

at the game we started talking about dressing up for next comic con. Carraan wants to do a group of the avatar characters. so far we need an azula, aang, katara, sokka, toph (i wish I could do taff ;_;)
and some others I can't remember right now.
I'm playing tai lee, carraan is going to be mai or suki and brian is zuko. I think marcus choose to be appa XD
Luis might do iroh or boomy and his niece might do momo
if it doesnt work out we just need an azula to complete the bad characters =P
haha I can probably act out the crazy too if someone else does tai lee. Other wise I just need to learn how to cart wheel LOL

We are having the bonfire on august 16th for all the PMC and ANG clubs at the coronado pits. We wanted to do a putluck kind of thing so that everyone gets to bring something if they can. (we can't do it all sorry XD)Let me know if your coming and what you can bring =)

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Comic con 2008 [28 Jul 2008|08:24am]
[ mood | enthralled ]

The best comic con so far.. for me that is.
I did so much more this year than in any other year. Lets begin the mmm bragging. haha
Lets start with the Coolest things:

Stan Lee's signature!!!!!

My cousin had the HONOR! of meeting Stan Lee and he didn't know who he was. (shakes head) so I though we cannot have this go to waste so i asked my cuz to have it signed to me *glins* =D
so I have it now, a shiny poster with Stan Lee's signature.

Second is My photo on The On Region of the Union Tribune!

I got about two sentences but if you read the article I got a semi mini paragraph XD
Who Writes these things?
So I was thinking of starting a Comic Con ScrapBook and add to it every year. I already have tons of supplies from the time I made one for my Late grandfather. rest in peace

Third Coolest...

Jill's Forsaken Party! I had a blast thank you for the invite!
I made people dance, meet a lot of cool peps and danced danced danced!
Seth Green was there but I couldn't tell where so I was like F it, I'm dancing. (yes I have said this to mutiple peps...word for word) Yea, I figured, hey if he wants to meet me he will join me at the dancefloor. =P

now for the randomness:
I took lots of pictures and clips for Titus but I'll also post the best of them on myspace.
I have my Goodie bangs all lined up for me to distribute in my room ^^ I also bought some new clothes and yes I'm ganna model them out ^^
I did not get to see any panels I wanted to watch but I was cool with that I was having so much fun. I did see some panels when I was volunteering, the best one was Jim Lee's panel. It was about the new DC universe online game. Haley is the best in that.
I dressed up as fancy Joanna, so I got lots of attention and I love attention XD
umm I'm not sure what happened but I think My cousin, Carraan and I made a semi commercial for Wizkids LMAO it was so random, here is the summary:
"hey want to be on a commercial?"
"uh ok"
"do this" ....(minutes later) "ok thanks bye"
what in the F just happened?
I now belong to the Geek Roundtable.
I got lots of ideas for my Cosplay Cafe so I'm writting potential plans for it.
I'm still collecting Maple cards for those that wont use them!!!!!
The comic con after party was so much fun =D. I had my glow stick XD(cause Erick and Temoc took my other two!!! grr) and danced! I tried getting my cousin to dance with this one chick but I guess it didn't work. Some guy kept waiting for me at the dancefloor, he was a good dancer so it was nice... and very hot *glins* =D
I got some signatures other than Stan Lee's... I guess the second best is from Ask a Ninja, his directing the new Attack of the killer tomatos. too bad I found out after I got the signature, i wanted more writting LOL
around the booths, I think the greatest price was the picture in a button at harold and kumar thing. I got some orange jump suits. I'm ganna fill them wih bollons and put them on and roll down a hill or play sumo wrestler. want to join me?
well other than that there was so much more but it will take forever to metion everything...like the poop and TP friends forever. so Im just ganna stop here.
pea standing up!
Food porn, eat me.
and take care. bye

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Continuation: Drive in [22 Jul 2008|06:32pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So I left off at...

aha Yes, Saturday was the game then Jill came by to say hi to everyone which was awesome. Thankss for making that quick detour Jill.

On sunday, I went to get Pho! mm pho! then went to Luis house since he volunteered to changed the oil in my car. XD It was uh unusual but cool. He dropped me off at Marcus house since they were finishing the other party game. (our group got split into two, i guess some of them didn't like my character being so bosy LOL mwahahaha works out for more chaos, which is the point of my character)

Then Marcus, Carraan, Luis, Steve, Brian and I got together to go watch Dark Knight at the Drive in. I am absolutely going there again. You can even have a picnic or BBQ right outside your car it was so Bitchin awesome.

After Dark Knight they started showing Wanted, I noticed because a large screen was showing Angelina Jolie, so I was glued to it. (not literally). So we moved the cars and watched that. Carraan, Brian and (randomly) Christina had to go though so they didnt get to see the sexyness. (where did Christina come from O.o)

Overall my weekend was fantastic but the best is comming up with Comic con.

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At the Drive In [21 Jul 2008|12:47pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Lets see where did I leave off...

The Rockstar Mayhem Concert was bitchin f-ing awesome! lots of mosh pits and fantastic music. Disturbed is the best of course.

Kareoke was so much fun and I'm glad a lot of my friends showed up especially those I haven't seen in a very long time. You are always welcome at our outing and such.

D&D is always fun, I might be getting too much in character XD especially the EVIL!

Went dancing Friday but Carraan forgot her ID awww, so we went to House of Blues and everyone had fun eventually. I was a little down that day but I managed to get my spirits up. I was completely refreshed for the next day though.

and the next day was !!!!

It was the best costumes and parade in a while, I always like going to pride but too bad I couldn't stay longer since we had the game right after the show. Next year, I'll get the info and get anyone that wants to go to meet up.

brb to finish the rest gtg

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Party! [16 Jul 2008|09:02am]
[ mood | hyper ]

Lets see, there has been a lot going on.

Did some kareoke at some place near WoW, uh at Convoy, it was great. Then played some pool, it was also great.

Last Friday, we went to the Yardhouse then decided to go dancing. I made everyone dance and decided to get more people to go for this Friday so if your near the area call us up.

Totally burned out one of these days while playing pool and having pizza at La Bella's. D&d, Rock Band, Kareoke, Dancing, Lab and shelving without a break really got me sleepy.

Thrusday some friends are getting together to do Kareoke at my house so if you want to come by and try it out your welcome to.

Today I'm going to a concert! woohoo! Slipknot, Disturbed I'm so there!
I have high expectation for Slipknot since I hear they are entertaining.

Still rockin with the group! Got more pics of us on myspace if you want to check them out.

Looking forward to comic con! see you there!

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Del Mar Fair 08 [05 Jul 2008|02:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

First time at the fair!!!
4th of july
It was great,I went with Pringy then meet up my friends there (The Bijinging naaggers minus one and our groupies)
I didn't understand the whole exhibit hall but it remminds me a lot like comic con's exhibit hall but for homes not entertainment. The rides were awesome but expensive so we only went on two. I wanted to catch a fish but they didn't have any live fish... I hope I get to do that in a Japanese festival (and hope it survives.)
There were a lot of fireworks, then a led zep tribute concert afterwards. very awesome!

now for pool! and ribs!

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Summer 2008 [29 Jun 2008|09:03am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

The beginning of the year and last semester wasn't that great for me but I got my stuff together finally and I'm having a great time.

I have all my great friends that I see practically every day and I have a lot planned out for the rest of the summer.

Carraan wants to get a lot of the old members of the Anime and Games Club/ Pacific Media Club together again for a bonfire or a trip to mitsuwa. I suggest the bonfire, I have some wood and burnables all ready for it.

I also want to know who is going to the comic con and what events they will be doing.

Hope everyone is doing great and don't be afraid to chat sometime and catch up.

As for my summer so far:

I work at Dr. Knowles lab and finishing up my senior project. I learned a lot more in her lab that in class so i'm cofident for next semester and my first job.

I joined Marcus campaign for DND, its a lot of fun and we watch movies or play games afterwards. Its like the old days at the airport in SWC.

I joined Rock band with Aramis, Julius, Beto and Laura (laura is our groupie). I'm the singer so I'll totally rock out this summer.

I'm going to Del Mar fair on 4th of July with my friend Pringy and his fam. and friends. I've never been there so i'm looking forward to that.

I start volunteering at the civic library on monday, so if you go by there I might see you.

Still looking for a job (not very good at doing that)

Other than that, I've had bonfires, beach time, concerts and just old fun with everyone =) and look forward to more.

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January 28, 2008 [28 Jan 2008|03:15pm]
Woohoo! No cancer! i still live!!... wait a min. yea I guess its good. ^^
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Disneyland [18 Sep 2007|10:17am]
I went to disneyland this week-end with Greg and his nephew. We were asked to take him up there to meet his mom. She was there for a company meeting. We got there Friday and went around the hotel resort for a while. When Jen came to meet us she was heading towards a party her company was having. The theme was Prom night and we ended up going too. I was wearing shorts and flip flops so I felt really out of place. If I knew we were going I would have brought a dress. The nice clothes I had were still packed away.
The next day we took the monorail to Disneyland. We got out on tomorrowland and wanted to go on the nemo ride but there was a huge line for it and it never got shorter, even after dark( we ended up going at night and it took 75 mins to get in.) The best ride however was Roger Rabbit's taxi ride, that was worth the wait.I posted a few pics from the trip on myspace. The fireworks show was the best one of the best parts of the trip. We saw it the night before but at the park they add music and a little show to go with it.
I had a great time but I don't think Glenn did (Greg's nephew). He got sick in the morning and kept sneezing then he was too scared to go on any rides. The next morning we tried having breakfast at Goofy's kitchen restaurant but it came out to be about $117 dollars, thats the same as dinner. ouch! So we went to the restaurant right next door. After that we took Glenn to the pool and then we meet Jen at the hotel to pack up. After checking out of the hotel we all went to downtown disney for a while.

The one thing that was dissapointing about Disney was...

No Kingdom Hearts merchandise or anything related to Kingdom Hearts. If they add anything for KH it would be the best. I would go every year, especially if there is a KH ride. =P
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